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Meteos Ds

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By crackpot_inventor on
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Meteos is a simple and addicting puzzler from the makers of Lumines. Jam-packed with content and fun, and playable in short bursts, Meteos is a great game to bring on the go.

Produced by Masahiro Sakurai, Director of the Super Smash Bros. series, Meteos has an epic feel. The evil planet Meteos has launched pieces of itself (also called Meteos) at other planets in an attempt to destroy them. Playing as various cute alien species, you must align Meteos of the same color in order to launch them back into space.

The gameplay is quite simple, but incredibly fun. By aligning three or more Meteos of the same color, either vertically or horizontally, they turn into rocket boosters and are launched toward the top of the screen, carrying with them any Meteos on top of them. The variety comes from the different planets you play on. Each planet has a unique gravity that affect how the Meteos are launched. On some planets horizontal boosters are more effective at launching them into space. Other planets have extremely powerful gravity, requiring secondary ignitions while a stack is in the air in order to clear the screen. Various items may drop during the course of play, some of which are helpful, and others which are not.

The graphics, while relatively simple, are cheerful and stylish. The little alien sprites are quite cute and make great mascots. The planets all have their own types of Meteos and backgrounds. The music is also quite good. Every planet has its own theme, which range from bright and peppy to groovy to downright sinister.

In another similarity to the Smash Bros. series, there are multiple treats to unlock. The game keeps a running tally of every Meteos you launch into space, and you can cash these in for a variety of prizes. Extra planets, alien species, new items, music, and other stuff is available, which gives a great incentive to keep playing. Factor in multiple game modes (including a story mode with branching paths and multiple endings), as well as multiplayer, and you have a game that will keep you busy for months. Highly recommended.