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Metro Pcs, A Alternative To High Cell Bills

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Mia Blaisdell By Mia Blaisdell on
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If you are looking for a great alternative to your current cell phone provider and need to reduce your cell phone bill, this is a great option to check into. My partner and I have Metro PCS and we are totally pleased with it! We have 2 phones with seperate phone numbers, unlimited long distance and local calling, unlimited texting, and we don't have to share minutes like most places force you to do when you have family plans! Also the great thing is we don't have a contract so we can stop service at anytime without being charged high cancellation fees, and all of that for $86.91 a month!

Of course there is one down side for all you tech loving people out there. Metro PCS doesn't have a lot of the latest phones like the Apple Iphone, that has video and fancy online surfing features. But, if you don't mind that, and can deal with what they do have, like the Motorola MotoRokr that plays mp3's or other phones they have that have Qwerty and or bluetooth and web capabilites, it's a great service. Especially if you have a teen that is running up several hundreds of dollars texting their friends! So if you or family members love to talk and text, this is the great money saving alternative for you and you can go check them out at Metropcs.com!

Update On Jul 09, 2009: Even though Metro PCS is still a good phone for the reasons I have stated here, I have since dropped them and went with Verizon. I did this for three simple reasons.

One, beyond a Metro area, there is virtually, NO service. I went on a trip from Atlanta to Orlando, and was without service the entire way until I got about 5 miles from the Orlando city limits.

The second, customers service is terrible! It is less painful and stressful to pull a tooth than contact and talk to a Metro PCS rep about anything!

The third being, their service simply wasn't keeping up with my needs and they didn't carry phones and services I wanted. So I said bye bye.

But if you want a bill that will stay one flat rate for unlimited talking and texting, never need customer service, don't use this beyond your metro area, and just want a cell for the basic service. It's still a good option for those who want a inexpensive cell service.