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Mgi Photosuite 4

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akosua By akosua on
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MGI Photosuite 4 is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to successfully edit photos and use them for calendars, cards, posters and several other things. It is cheap and as with all other softwares, you must really learn how to use the product before you can successfully master it. I personally enjoy using this software because it's complexity contributes to the variety of things you can do at MGI. It's complex without being too difficult to learn or to master. I learned how to use MGI, by just clicking on a bunch of buttons until I finally got the hang of it. I created a beautiful wedding calendar for my aunt and printed it on gloss paper. It came out really nice and everyone loved it!

I think what makes MGI so unique is the fact that you can edit pictures and put them on cards, for example, using the same software. That's a really wonderful thing. You can work efficiently with MGI, editing photos simultaneously and composing what are known as "projects." MGI Photosuite 4 is like an Internet window. It has tabs and panels, so you can work quickly and efficiently without having to exit the software, open another photo, re-open MGI...

MGI Photosuite 4 allows you to crop, edit, rotate, frame, colour... photos of your choice. It is an excellent tool and in contrast with Photoshop, is much easier to learn and master its use. I'm not going to degrade Photoshop in this review, because I think it's a wonderful product. It's just a little too hard to learn and that gets frustrating after a while. MGI is very simple to use.

Customer support is also excellent. I've never actually had to use customer support, but my sister did once. There has been a product update. MGI Photosuite 8 is now available. If MGI Photosuite 4 can do all the things I've mentioned in this review so far and more, imagine what MGI Photosutie 8 can do. MGI Photosuite 4 came out in 2000. That was 8 years ago and technology has changed a bit since then.

MGI is an excellent software. There is a trial version availabe on the web. Just google up MGI Photosuite 4.