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Michael Bay Transformers The Movie Dvd

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The Transformers is one of the most popular franchises of all time. It started in the 1980's as a collaboration between Hasbro, Takara, Sunbow and Marvel. What came out as a result was a cartoon series and a comic series that would be used to help sell the toys. The cartoon debuted in 1984 and has has spinoffs such as Beastwars and Beastmachines. The first movie that was produced was shown in 1986. It was animated. The movie however was not successful in the box office as its was not promoted properly and had limited distribution in movie theaters.

The story of the transformers is the never-ending war between two factions of robots. The good robots / autobots are led by Optimus Prime and aim to protect other life forms and establish universal peace. The evil robots / decepticons are led by the villanous Megatron and aim to conquer the universe. The premise of the first cartoon was that after centuries of war, the planet Cybertron was drained of energy sources and the autobots and decepticons were both in search of new sources of energy. This search eventually led to Earth and soon the war involved the humans as well with some humans siding with the autobots and some with the decepticons.

In 2007, a live movie starring Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox of the transformers was shown in theaters. This was a complete reboot of the famous franchise. Vector sigma, the computer that made theTransformers was replaced with the Allspark. The features of the Transformers was changed to something more alien as opposed to more human looking. Also some of the characters went into an overhaul. Scorponok was turned into a pet scorpion instead of being adecepticon city which could hold the entire decpticon army. Bumblebee became a Camaro instead of a Beetle Car. Megatron became an alien space craft instead of a gun. Some elements remained the same however such as Bumblebee's closeness to humans, Starscreams treacherous nature and Megatron's ruthlessness.

The movie was quite refreshing as they were able to incorporate some familiar elements and made a total reboot of the storyline. The movie combined a lot of action such as robot fight scenes, comedy such as the awkward interactions between the transformers and the humans and drama such as the death of Jazz. The story is also explained in a very clear manner with Optimus Prime giving a background story as to cover any questions the audience may have. The two disk special edition dvd also comes with commentary from Michael Bay and the historyof the Transformers franchise. The bonus features are worth the price of the dvd itself.