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Michael Jackson Moonwalker

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I have to admit that I have never been a huge Michael Jackson fan. I did happen to get this VHS tape of Moonwalker when I was very young (in grade s.chool). I used to watch it every single day just for the fact that I thought it was the coolest thing ever and I loved the music on it. I had heard of Michael Jackson then but wasn't really old enough to realize who he was to the musical community. Upon Michaels resent passing I went on a search to find this VHS tape. I knew it was here in my house somewhere and I did find it (picture shown is a scan of it). Well then of course I had to watch it just for old times sake.

The video was made and released in 1988. It starts with musical montages and then goes on into a short film called "Smooth Criminal". The musical montages are titled "Man in the Mirror", "A Retrospective of 24 Years of Hits", "Badder", "Speed Demon"& "Leave Me Alone".

The short film is a story about Mr. Big who wants all thechildren of the world to be on drugs. Then super Hero Michael Jackson comes and destroys Mr. Big by his out of this world shape shifting into a giant space robot/ship and saves the day.

Even though watching this film so long after I had seen it, it still is a great film when you look at it from the musical aspect.

And just a little side note, One of the three children staring in "Smooth Criminal" is Sean Lennon (Son of John Lennon).