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Michael Moore's Sicko Dvd

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Did you know that in a particular country there are 50 million people without some type of health insurance? Roughly 18, 000 a year die because of the lack of health insurance. No, I'm not talking about some third world country here. I'm talking about right here in the United States! I have always known our health care system is seriously flawed, but after seeing Michael Moore's "Sicko" documentary, I realized it was even worse than I thought. This film will show you how our health care system is being controlled by the lobbyists.

This documentary takes you to countries like Canada, France and the United Kingdom to compare their universal health care to our for-profit system. We are being fed propaganda in this country about universal health care, and this film uncovers the truth.

There has been a lot of controversary over this documentary, but I think it should start everyone thinking about what is really happening in this country with our health care, whether you believe all the facts or not.

This is one movie that should be seen by every American!