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Mickey And Minnie In Hawaii

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Anyone who knows me, knows my two favorite places are Hawaii and Disney. So when I got these cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse figurines I was so happy! They were a gift from a friend who had gone to Disney for their vacation.

Look at Mickey! He's all dressed up in his blue surfer shorts with white flowers. He's got a red flower lei and he's strumming the ukulele. His head bobbles and so does the hand that is picking the ukulele strings. He stands 6 inches tall on a sandy piece of beach. I can just imagine him singing in his mousey voice "tiny bubbles" !

Now let's check out Minnie Mouse in her cute little green grass skirt! She is looking lovely with her yellow plumeria in her hair. She also has a red flower lei around her neck. She stands 6 inches tall on a piece of sandy beach too. Mickey only moves his head and hand but Minnie moves her whole body except for her feet. If you want to see her do the hula, just give her a little push and she dances back and forth to the beat! Even her yellow plumeria bounces with every movement.

These were given to me as a gift, but I did include the price for each of them because the price tag was left on the bottom of the figurines! Oops! I just noticed the tag when I turned them over to see if there was a model number. These are available at the Disney Resorts.

A hui hou Mickey and Minnie!

(Till we meet again)