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Mickey Animated Phone

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I use to have a different Mickey Mouse phone and somehow in one of my moves across country, I only ended up with the handset.

So about a year ago, a friend of ours was selling some items and one happened to be this style of Mickey Mouse phone, which is different than the one I had, but this one is animated. For $25.00 I knew I had to add it to our Disney collection and of course, it's a traditional plug in corded phone, so I know it will keep on working for when my cordless phone battery dies.

Mickey Mouse Animated phone features:

* 5 custom phrases, spoken by Mickey Mouse himself

* When a call comes in, his head moves back and forth and his left arm swings to point at the handset.

* There is a "Demo" button on the base that lets you hear Mickey at any given time.

* You can switch the ringer from normal to Mickey's phrases - it does seem like at any point if you don't answer that he's going to start saying other things - pretty funny phone

* There is a last number redial, which is the big read center button inside the key pad

* Phone can switch from tone to pulse

* The numbers on the key pad are the traditional Disney number style

* It has a low and high ringer volume - the video is of the phone on low, so it's pretty loud at that setting. I don't think I could handle it at loud.

* It's also FCC and ETL approved.

* The phone takes 4 C batteries and honestly, they have not been changed in years. Our friends had this for quite a while and we've had it over a year - it's still going strong.

The video shows/ or is a recording of all Mickey's phrases. The phone stops ringing and he stops talking of course when you pick up the handset. I also included this in my video.

I really love my Mickey phone and I have to keep close guard when friends come over because they always want to take him home.

I have seen this style phone still for sale online for as much as $89.99, which I believe is closer to the original retail price of most Disney and other animated phones. So we got a really great bargain at $25.00.

Even though this phone is mainly a part of my Disney collection, it still is a convenient and fun phone that serves a practical use in our home.