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Mickey Mouse Plush

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By ladychai on
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When I went to Hongkong Disneyland, I was not able to enjoy all the sites as I got stuck inside a souvenier shop.

Whilst I was inside, I can't help but marvel with all the toys they offer. I have but a meager budget so I looked around for cheaper stuff I can bring back to the Philippines and give to my family, friends and relatives. My companions' children each had a Mickey Mouse doll, since I was not able to bring my daughter with me due to problem's with her Baptismal Certificate thus I was not able to secure a passport for her, I wanted to make her feel as if she was with me so I said to myself I am giving my daughter a Mickey Mouse doll too no matter how much it cost. When I checked on the identical dolls both kids have, I found the design not right for their price so I looked around some more and whoala!! I found this Mickey Mouse plush doll that is bigger than what the kids have, better looking and yet cheaper.

When I got back, I gave my daughter my loot (well almost all my loot are for my daughter anyways), she then hugged her Mickey and let it sleep with her. She brought it to her Dad's house and when she misplaced it, she made extra effort to try and find it, (well, most of the time her nanny does). She said Mickey is her baby and she loves him very much.

We do know however the life span of toys especially for toddlers, they easily get side tracked whenever there are newer toys around. The good thing about this toy is that it also serves as a souvenier that you can just display because on its left feet is an embroidered Hongkong Disneyland insigna. It gives you pride knowing that aside from being able to travel within your own country, you get to travel outside it as well. The doll actually serves souvenier and toy because from time to time, my daughter still plays with Mickey because it truly is cuddly.