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Microsoft Intellimouse 2.0

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By agaetis on
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The Microsoft Intellimouse 2.0 is a medium range optical mouse that's easy/simple to use and extremely comfortable. In total, there's five buttons on the mouse, along with the scroll wheel. At their default setting, the two "additional" buttons can be used to go backwards in your internet browser and create a magnifying glass. The back function is extremely useful and placed right where your thumb usually rests. The magnifying glass is awkward and laggy though. It could be the operating system I'm using (Vista), but when I activate the magnifying glass the screen flickers and is unusable for several seconds while it loads. The function itself seems odd to me, I've never come across something that is so small that I need a magnifying glass to see it. The scroll wheel is made of a rubbery material and glides easily without any of the clicking you get on cheaper mouses. The speed is fine for a regualr use as well as precision.

Overall, this mouse is great for most PC users. It might not be up to the standards ofhardcore PC gamers, but it's a well built device that will last for years.