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Microsoft Kinect Review

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Charlie Page By Charlie Page on
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Quite possibly the next evolution in gaming. When the Kinect was first announced that's what many hoped for and though there were some disappointments along the way to release time, the finished product on paper still seemed very impressive. In reality that's the case too. It's hard to tell quite yet what direction Kinect will be going, plugging away with mostly bad games and a few light-hearted ones or playing a FPS by literally ducking, pulling a pin and mock-throwing a grenade or other quite awesome-sounding possibilities, but in the mean time the Kinect is just plain fun.

To start with, the Kinect is the best gaming device to get people who don't normally like video games, to play video games. Though a controller seems normal to gamers, to the non-gamer it's something they have to learn and often times a put-off. Once you start playing with the Kinect, it's all about getting used to the fact that your body movements are apart of the game. You know what the Kinect is going into it, but once you start playing a game everyone is a little slow, it's almost like a mental block that doesn't take long to get over but it's strange. You can be fast and yet you miss a ball in Rally Ball because you didn't move your hand quick enough, even though a few games later your moving around breaking a sweat. Once the initial "new" feeling wears off everyone has a lot of fun.

To rewind a bit, the setup is quick and painless. You simply plug the Kinect in and go through an easy calibration that basically gathers any constant sound and a detail of your surroundings. You need 6-8 feet of room, though 6 is normally fine and cannot have objects in the way. (such as a coffee table) The details of that tend to be exaggerated or made out to be a big deal. I live in a standard size 2 bedroom apartment and have 2 areas I could do it in, sure I re-arranged my furniture in one room to fit it but considering how the device works, it's a small sacrifice.

The Kiinect as a device so far is pretty good. With a few of the better games (namely Adventures and Sports) you really get to enjoy the Kinect and along with it cool features such as short videos of you making a fool of yourself dancing after winning a game of virtual bowling or pictures of your experience in rally ball, small things like that really help. It's fun playing by yourself but after doing some bowling a small group of people can't help but laugh at the video of someone attempting to get down.

The title selection so far is poor outside really of Dance Central, Sports, Kinectimals and Adventures. But with the recent story of Microsoft "quadrupling" the Kinect's capabilities with a software update including individual finger movements, it's something with better 3rd party support can really become that next evolution that gamers have wanted since the Wii.