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Microsoft Lifecam Cinima

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Life Cam cinima

Hello My name is Cody. I am a user of the Microsoft Lifecam Cinima webcam.

Microsoft has put forth a webcam that is both durable and very practical. When i first picked up the webcam at Staples, i was thinking to my self, " is it really worth buying a 80$ webcam from Microsoft? Well with the feeling of doubt and really needing of a webcam i bought it. That same day i took it out of the box and was almost instantly surprised how fantastic the quality of the Microsoft Lifecam cinima webcam is. The outer shell of the webcam is Mainly metal or some type of strong material. When examining the webcam i noticed that the lense of the webcam was strong *trying not to put finger prints on the front shielding i used a paper towel to apply some small pressure and was sturdy.

Knowing Microsoft and how cheaply they make their devices i really needed to see how well the software works. So i loaded it up on my Windows 7 64-bit computer. Knowing that the 64-bit would cause me problems i was kinda skeptical about loading the software up anyway, BUT! Yet again stunned! plugged the webcam in and instantly had drivers working before i could even put the cd in! Sitting with my mouth wide open about how incredible everything has been. I couldn't wait to use the webcam. Put the software on my computer only took 4-5 minutes. Restarted my computer and the software loaded with no problems what so ever!

The lifecam cinima from Microsoft has incredible quality for a webcam. Remember this is not a video camera that is used to make HD movies with. So for those who want that kind of quality i think you are better off buying a HD Camcorder with the ability to use HDMI or RGB * HD * plugs that goes into a HD tv Tuner in the computer. Seeing as how the quality was with the software i tested how well it recorded me in HD with low, good, and Perfect lighting. With low lighting the webcam stands out pretty well though is a little sluggish * slow * with frames Mixing into one another. With Good lighting the camera was a little bit faster with little or no frames Smugging. Now knowing every cam out there, Perfect lighting aka Out side or a room lit to perfection is the best way to present your self in any video. The lifecam cinima has very good quality when in a very lit area and frames do not mix into one another. It looks as if the video is being taken by a real cam!

Overall the webcam is strong packed with a bunch of cool little features that me and my friends enjoy. Quality is great, the video is great. Though the audio when recording video is not great nor good. I can hear the shutter opening and closing when the lighting isnt perfect and even when its perfectly lit in here its still there. BUY A EXTERNAL MICROPHONE!. other then that. The Microsoft Life Cam Cinima is a perfect little HD webcam for online!

Update On Feb 01, 2011: Hello.

So i bought this awhile ago and i thought i would tell you my thoughts on the Cinima.

Now because this was made from Microsoft im not really a big fan. I honestly needed a better webcam with a microphone so i didn't go cheap. The quality at first the quality was great, but i think over time the camera starting to decrease in quality. honestly i think i have had more problems with this camera then i did with the Xbox live vision camera for Xbox 360 and that didn't have a microphone. The camera still does look good feels strong and works nice. HATE and i rather use a crap non HD software to record with then the horrid software that came with the camera.

I really don't have much other to say that i wish i had bought something cheaper and better than this camera. I mean it works, but it's still horrible. I just recently figured out how to record at 30fps at 720p. It says right on the box that its 720p at 30fps compatible but the drivers prevent that from happening.

If you want a camera that works Go for this. If you want a better webcam go look elsewhere.