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Microsoft Office 2007

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By migishu on
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No doubt you've been keeping your eye on the latest software packages released by Microsoft. I know I have. As a student, I really couldn't afford Microsoft Office, especially the latest version, so I had to resort to free software to do all my school work.

Recently, however, Microsoft introduced a new deal for students in the US, Canada, and other countries around the world. They called this deal "The Ultimate Steal". The best part of this was that it was offered students a chance to purchase Office Ultimate (the highest/most expensive version for consumers) for a low price of $59 US ($64 CA).

I was skeptical about using the latest version of Office, and when I was able to access it, they had a free trial available for people to try Office before they purchased it. This, for Microsoft, is a big step since they don't usually release demo versions of their software (only recently has Microsoft ventured into allowing 30 day trials).

So, I downloaded it, and tried it.

One of the new features of Office is the ribbon. Instead of having a menu bar, where you can select options from a drop down menu, Microsoft introduced a sub-sectional ribbon type device that tries to cram in as many features into each sub-section as possible. This leads to many people now having to relearn where everything is. Trying to find out a few features was impossible, as they were also hidden within new section themselves.

The GUI was also updated. Instead of the standard Windows GUI, Office 2007 has a nice blue skin, which is quite soft on the eyes. They rounded the corners and removed the "borders" around the screen to make it all smooth (though you can still resize the window as normal). This really doesn't do much except make the ribbon look more appealing. It really isn't.

Overall, Office 2007 works just as well as any of the previous versions, with a nice looking GUI that will take some time to get used too. I still haven't gotten used to it, but I did get myself a cheap version of Office Ultimate.

To qualify for the reduced pricing, you need to be a student. See www.theultimatesteal.com for more details.