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Microsoft Office 2007 I'm Not Impressed

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rogue34 By rogue34 on
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I recently bought a new computer and it came with a trial version of Microsoft 2007 Home Version. I decided as long as I had it free for a few months, I'd give it a whirl. I'd never purchased Microsoft software for one of my home computers before, but I had been using previous versions for about 11 years at work. I did not purchase for my home because, well, I'm cheap. For the few personal documents I needed, I just used the version at work (after hours of course!)

For the versions we had used at work, I had not really noticed any huge changes from version to version, so I was not expecting anything drastic with 2007. Boy, was I ever wrong.

The first program I opened was Microsoft Word. The first thing I noticed was that the top menu had new names. Gone were the old names like File and Edit. In their place were things called Home, Insert, and Data. Then, the commands underneath the new names had all been moved around! No longer was New, Open, Save and Save As under the first command title! Those had been moved to the Microsoft Office symbol. It took me a while to figure that out. Then the Edit functions - under Home! What in the world was going on! I was going to have to relearn how to use Word! I finally found how to put the shortcut symbols for save as, new document, spell check and font at the top of the screen.

I moved onto the other programs. Excel is my second most used program and it had been affected as well. Ugh! I was hating this version. On to Powerpoint and something called OneNote. They were set up the same way. Those two I was not as upset about since I do not use Powerpoint often and in the case of OneNote, never.

After being frustrated with trying to find a way to reset the menu, I searched the Microsoft website for help. No results came up. I searched the internet to find many discussions about Office 2007. What did I find? A whole lot of complaining upset customers. From their posts, I discovered that Microsoft had not included the option to set the main menu back to the familiar settings.

This new version, I discovered, was touted by Microsoft to be more intuitive and user friendly. Maybe for brand new users, but not for us oldtimers. In my opinion Microsoft totally missed the mark with this new version. Hopefully, they will listen to the complaints coming from customers and the next update will include a way to reset the menu.

I gave this an overall 2 because I can still use my old documents and create ones, it's just a pain to make changes and creation takes me about twice as long as before. I never contacted customer service so that is not applicable to my review. As for the update - a big fat ZERO!