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Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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The Feel of the Controller

The Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Feels very comfortable to use when playing video games online. Its got a solid and durable feel to it. The parts definitely don't feel cheap. I got a wired Madcatz Xbox 360 controller and when compared to this wireless controller the buttons feel cheap and less sturdy.

The Battery Life

I would rate the battery life of the controller good as it can last quite a while before it quits working. I still would highly recommend a battery recharger for the AA bateries its uses as buying non-rechargeable batteries is such a waste in my view.

Its Range

What empressed me most about the controller is its range. I can be standing around a good 30 feet away and the controller will still be working. I can even have things in front of the wireless controller and it won't interfere with the wireless signal to play video games. Also I don't even have to get up on turn the console on as I can use the wireless controller by holding down the X located in the middle of the controller and the console will turn on. I've even sat in another room while multi-tasking on my desktop computer and also using the Microsoft Wireless Controller while playing video games online.


If I was going to complain about anything it would be the D-Pad on the controller. I wish the d-pad consisted of 4 seperate buttons with them of course being left, right, up, and down. Having the d-pad like it is with all directional buttons connected together does not suit me. I have big and fat fingers so the d-pad consisting of 4 directions with way it is on the controller can naturally cause me to make more errors. If you saw the wired ps2 controller and the way the d-pad is on that than that is how I would prefer it to be on the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with 4 seperate D-Pad Buttons. Luckily I have adapted to the left and right joy sticks on the controller. Using the left and right joysticks seems to be about the only way to really play games more and more. I grew up in the days when the 4 button directional pad was the norm when play video games but the past is the past. Also the batteries going dead during online game play isn't good but the only way to correct that would be to use a wired controller and this wireless controller has more benefits than any wired controller I have used on the Xbox 360.

Other Features

I've also used the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Headset which you can hook up to the this wireless controller and chat with other Xbox Live members. The sound I've experienced is not that good and it was hard to hear what otherswere saying but this is about another product. I'm just mentioning that this controller can be customized to use with a Microsoft Headset.


The controller is made with good quality and has exceptional range. If you don't like to deal with the hassle of batteries whether their rechargeable or not than this controller isn't for you. It would be a good bet to say this controller would outlasts most Xbox 360 controllers though.

Update On Feb 11, 2010: Precision of the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

One more thing I will say about the review of the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller is about its precision when pressing buttons or button combinations to execute whatever you intended to do in the video game. I would say the controller does a really good job at being precise, but its not the best controller I've used when it comes to precision.

The best video game controller I've used when it comes to precision would be the PS2 Logitech Wireless Controller. It did an awesome job of properly executing the button or button combinations I would push. Honestly I also preferred using the wired PS2 Controller that came with the PS2 for playing video games over the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller that I use now.

Conclusion When It Comes To the Precision of the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

They could have done a better job at helping the controller to be more precise when it comes to executing button or button combinations. This would of helped me win more online. I would say the Precison of the controller is my biggest complaint since I understand the batteries will run out anyway due to it being a wireless controller. The precision could of been better but still its really good.