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Microsoft's X Box 360 Best Choice For Next Gen

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By Steven Kruyne on
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I will admit I did not pick up a 360 right away. I was a Nintendo fan and thought the Wii would be the next winner of the next generation gaming consoles. Boy was I wrong. I picked up a 360 when Guitar Hero 2 came out and right away, fell in love with it. The first thing that is noticed is the graphics. In todays gaming world, many people are impressed with the graphic capabilities that are shown in these new systems. With life like animations and smooth textures, the 360 is a great overall experience. The online system (X-Box Live) is the best online system I have used. You can purchase arcade games and other neat things with Microsoft Points. After a game online, you can friend a person and keep track of what he is playing, inviting him to join you at anytime. The game selection is huge with the 360. Most games that are on the Wii and PS3 are being ported over to the 360, making it a good system for people that like a wide variety of games.

The one thing that is noticed right away is the size. Like the xbox before it, the 360's size is large and is not something one wants to be carrying a friends house. Overall, the 360 is the system to buy if a balanced experience is being seeked.