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Microtel Inn Suites, Nothing Sweet About Them!

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princessmichelle77 By princessmichelle77 on
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My fiance and I were recently planning a trip from Florida to Missouri for his son's high school graduation. We were planning to drive and make a stop in Atlanta one night so that the trip wasn't so long and tiring. We wanted to drive overnight to avoid traffic so we needed to find a hotel that would allow us to check in and check out at odd times. Most have check in at 3pm and check out at 11am but we needed to check in around 5am and check out around 9pm.

I started looking around and came across the Microtel Inn & Suites at the Perimeter Center in Atlanta. It looked like a nice enough hotel. We weren't looking for anything fancy, we just needed a place to sleep and relax for a few hours but we didn't want to stay in a dump either. Microtel seemed to be just the in between place we were looking for. I called and asked about their availability and rates for the dates we needed. We wanted to book a room for the trip up and for the trip back. I asked about the check in/check out times we would need and was told it would not be a problem and that it would be noted on our reservations. Since they fit all our requirements I went ahead and booked with them. The young lady who made our reservations was very friendly and helpful. I hate to say it but this is the last friendly encounter we would have with this hotel.

I'm going to try and make this very long story as short as I can. Both times when we came to check in we were told that we couldn't check in at that time and got a rude and huffy attitude from the front desk clerks. Both times we were told they didn't even have any rooms available but when I didn't back down (I had a reservation, had the confirmation numbers, told them what I was told on the phone) they miraculously found a room for us. Amazing how that works out. The first time we only got a little bit of attitude, he calmed down after his initial huffiness (maybe because we were still polite to him inspite of it) and treated us like humans again. If this had been the worst of it I might have chalked it up to him just being surprised and maybe having a bad day because he did turn his attitude around. However the second time we checked in it was inexcusable how we were treated.

The second time we came to check in the front desk clerk was just ridiculous. After a certain time of night you have to have a room key to get into the lobby or else you have to ring a buzzer to be let in. We rang it about 4 times over the course of 10 minutes with no answer so my fiance decided to call the hotel, he calls and the phone is answered immediately, in fact we can hear the person on the phone in the room right next to us, where the buzzer rings... My fiance told him we were in the front hall and needed to be let in. The guy asks if we rang the buzzer, (um yeah, like 4 times already and we know you heard it because we heard it buzz in the room you are sitting in). So we rang it again and he let us in. Instead of being at the front desk to see what we needed he remained in his chair in the office. Obviously we are not guests or we wouldn't have needed to be buzzed in! So he just lets random people into the hotel? Anyway, my fiance was like sir, we need to check in. Then we are given the same attitude I mentioned above but worse. This guy basically told me I was a liar and that even if I talked to the hotel manager he wouldn't let me check in at 5am. He even told me that my confirmation number couldn't possibly be from them because it had the wrong numbers. Keep in mind he hasn't even tried to look up our reservation yet, he is just wanting to argue with us. When he finally looked up the reservation, guess what? He found it and once again we got a miracle room that hadn't existed 10 minutes earlier. His attitude was really worse than I can convey here and his never turned around.

We got to our room finally and we have no pillows! The room is perfectly clean except for the complete absence of any pillows on the bed. How does that even happen? My fiance went back to the front desk to ask for some pillows and he gets an attitude from this guy again like "I found you a room, now you expect pillows too".

I was really upset about everything that had happened and was having a hard time falling asleep plus our room was really noisy. I finally start to drift off when the phone rings. It was a little after 11am and it was the front desk wanting to know if we were going to check out! So I had to go through this entire explanation again about the arrangements that were made and how it was supposed to be noted on the reservation. This front desk person was very rude also. We finally ended up leaving around 3pm because at this point we weren't getting any rest and we just wanted to go home.

I actually cried because of how we were treated. I would not recommend that anyone stay at this hotel. I've put in a formal complaint against them and am waiting to hear back. I will update my review when I hear something.

There was NOTHING wrong with the hotel itself. The rooms are small but nicely furnished and adequate. They also have a nice, complimentary, continental breakfast and the actual hotel itself is very lovely inside. If you just need a room with nothing extra special then there is nothing wrong with it. It was the staff that ruined this place with their nasty attitudes.

I guess I didn't do such a good job of making my long story short but this doesn't even begin to convey how rudely we were treated.

Update On May 27, 2008: I did receive an apology email from the General Manager of the hotel. She said that they addressed the issues immediately with the staff members that were involved. Hopefully if others chooses to stay there their experience will be more pleasant than ours was. She can't really do anything to make up for what we went through but the apology and actually even getting a response was nice. I hope they do work on their customer service skills because the hotel itself wasn't bad, just the service.