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Midieval Total War 2

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By nuclearshadow on
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Midieval Total War 2 is a sequal to the much praised orginal which is all part of the total war series. The series is based off of turn based movement on worldmaps but realtime combat and very realistic combat at that. Of course theres more then just that there is town and army management diplomacy, religion and even papal elections! The game is set in medieval europe when the catholic church still had a huge grip over every nation of catholicism and had the power to create and end wars and even crusades!

You start the game off by choosing what nation you wish to be and there is a long list from England, Scots, Egyptions, Holy Roman empire, Spanish, Turks, and much more. Each have thier advantages and disadvantages based on real history such as England has great archers in the gane while the Egyptions are very rich. Religion plays a huge role in this game as christian nations can go on crusades and islamic nations can call for jihads so even if your across the world map from each other you can still pose a threat to each other. Diplomacy is a huge factor in this game as alliances are made and broken through out time and there are ways to bring stronger alliances such as marrying off one of your princesses to a unmarried prince of another nation.

The graphics are quite good on the worldmap but the real eye candy is in the battles. Thousdands of men can be on the map at one time and look so life like and each and every single one is thier own person and doesn't die just because the rest of the group is he has to be hit directly. The game is truly a masterpiece with its graphics. The sound is great and it sounds like a true medieval battlefield the clashing of the swords, the arrows being fired, to the later gun powder units it all sounds so authentic.

This game is a masterpiece and every PC gamer should grab it. The replay value is very high on this game with so many factions and the fact that the game is never the same it always gives a uniqe experince each time. I highly recommend this game!