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Midnight Movie

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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The person who directs a horror film is also the killer.

Its Introduction:

What takes place at the beginning of the movie really motivates me to pay atttention to see what happens later on in the film. The start of the film is good and is definitely not a turn off from an entertainment standpoint if you like horror films. It feels very original when compared to other horror movies that have too much in common.

The Unique Features of the Killer:

The killer has the abillity to come in and out of the film he directed. The killer also has creepy features to him such as the mask he wheres, his weapon, as well as the uniqe way he walks. The killers walk really adds to the persona of his character. If I was whereing a scary mask for halloween I would most definitely want to immitate his walk because its just that good of an imitation and it would be funny looking.

The Main Parts of the Movie:

Much of the movie takes place inside of a movie theater while tensions erupt between the unlucky viewers of the film. They make plans to combat the killer of the film that can come in and out of it at anytime but does it work to put an end to their struggle. Watch to find out. Also the movie has a good deal of scenes in the killers film so theres actally 2 main areas of this movie

What About the Violence?

The movie does contain a lot of blood and gore however there was only one part in the movie that phased me to the point to where I felt very uncomfortable.

What About the Ending?

The endings good from a horror standpoint but it doesn't compare to the beginning that sets the mood.


The description of the film before I watched it just doesn't do it justice as it was much better than its description. I was impressed with the film overall and really enjoyed it.