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Midol Extended Relief

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Beth Benson By Beth Benson on
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Well, it's that annoying time of the month again and you are faced with the cramps, the backaches, the headaches, the moodiness...yeah, you know what I'm talking about. If you're like me, those cramps can have you crawling on the floor or curled up in a ball in tears. All these horrible symptoms cause your daily life to go down the drain for a week. I've tried Tylenol, Ibuprofin, Advil, you name it I tried it. None of them seemed to work quite right until I found Midol Extended Relief that works for up to 12 hours.

This is a miracle pain reliever. It takes care of the cramps, the backaches, the headaches, the bloating, and with all of that pain gone; it of course helps to make you in a better mood. Which of course helps you get through the day.

Since this is a fast working medication, only take up to 2 pills in a 12 hour time frame. Trust me; you will not have to take two, one works well enough. There are no side effects that I have experienced, which is awesome! The pills are quite small, so swallowing them are no problems, unlike some horse pills that are out there.

You don't have to take Midol with food; however I suggest drinking a full glass of water with it. I have found that the water helps the Midol break up faster into your body. I really don't suggest that you mix Midol with any other type of pain reliever, I have noticed that it doesn't work well and has a tendency to bring back the cramps and headaches.

Midol Extended Relief can be found at every supermarket and only cost about $4 for a 24 caplet pack. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend this product to all women out there!