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Miele Vacuum Cleaner... The Best One Known To Man.

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By iamgood on
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The Miele vacuum cleaner is one of the BEST vacuum cleaners out there. Many people do not buy it because of its price tag of about 600 dollars. I got it on sale and it was only 399.99, but anyways, the miele vacuum cleaner is one of its kind in effectiveness and power. My previous vacuum cleaner was almost only 1/5 as effective as this one. What I liked about this vacuum cleaner is where in my other vacuum cleaner, cleaning little rocks in mats would be very hard as I would need to push over and over in the same spot to get a few of the rocks out. With my new miele yellow star vacuum cleaner, I was able to clean up the rocks 5 times as effectively only going over a spot once to get the rocks out and once more to suck the rocks inside. What I liked about the Yellow Star vacuum cleaner was that it had many addon attachments for me to put on. There was one for everything possible. In my old vacuum cleaner, there was only attachments where as in this one, there were about 3 or 4. (I think I might have lost one.) I was amazed by how much less time I had wasted vacuuming up the whole house. It took less time than I took before to clean one floor!

Another thing I liked about the Miele yellow star vacuum cleaner was that it had different power levels. You could turn it all the way up which is really really powerful, and you could also turn it down so you could clean curtains and such. At first, I thought the least power one would be too weak, but when I vacuumed the floor with it, I was almost in shock about how much better it was from my other vacuum cleaner. Even with the least power, it could take up as much as 3x the amount of dust and other gunk that my vacuum cleaner could, and a plus was that it had really low sound emittance. The miele vacuum cleaner was also easy to pick up and move around. The yellow star vacuum cleaner was not too heavy too carry around or up stairs, and it was really easy to roll around on its wheels.

If you are to buy a vacuum cleaner, and I am saying this to anyone and people anywhere, even if you think this is really expensive, please buy it. You would be saving more than 600 dollars worth of time and energy that you could have not wasted if you bought this.