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Migraine Medication Maxalt

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If you have migraines, you know how disabling they can be. I've had migraines for as long as I can remember-when I was little, I remember my grandma sitting with me with ice on my forehead. When I get them now, they last for 3 days if I don't treat them right away. The ONLY medication that works for me now is Maxalt. I used to use Imitrex, but it only worked the first time I used it-after that it doesn't even make a dent anymore. When I switched to Maxalt, I can ward off the migraine before it really kicks in.

Maxalt is available in 2 strengths (5 and 10) and two forms (tablet and melting tab) I prefer the 10mg melt tab-there's nothing to swallow which is good because a lot of times migraines are associated with nausea. It works generally within a half hour. It will relieve the pain, nausea (to an extent), and sensitivity to light and sound. The aura may stay-I think that's one of the side effects I list later-the feeling like you're in a tunnel-so maybe it's not necessarily a side effect, but rather a symptom that doesn't really go away.

The bad thing about all migraine medications is you HAVE to take them within 15-30 minutes of the first signs of a migraine. It can be hard to catch it in time, but in order for the medicine to be fully effective you need to do this. If you miss your window, the migraine will usually go away then come back in a few hours (at least that's how it works for me). If you take it in time it goes away completely. Side effects are usually present-this drug will make you feel either tired or like you're "in a tunnel". It's hard to focus. Still easier to focus than if you had the headache, though. The side effects can last for several hours sometimes, but usually they're gone in an hour or so. Still well worth it for the relief the drug gives.

If you 've tried other drugs that don't work, ask your doctor about this one. If your current drug works, though, dont' mess with things that work!! Keep taking what does work until it stops, then give this oen a try. Migraines aren't something to mess with-they can really make it hard to function-if you can function at all!