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Mike Tyson's Punchout!! For Nes

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Mike Tyson's Punchout!! was released in 1987 by Nintendo during Mike Tyson's heyday. The game featured a small character called Little Mac who had a trainer named Doc. Little Mac is what you would call an underdog. His punches are limited to left and right jabs, left and right body blows, and a powerful uppercut.You have to get a star to use that.

The game is populated by comical characters. Many of them are stereotypical as well. Among the opponents you would face are King Hippo, Glass Joe, Piston Honda and Bald Bull. The opponents each have their own style and powers. After getting through them, you get to go toe to toe with Mike Tyson himself. Mike Tyson is one of the hardest opponents you'll ever face.

This game was certainly enjoyable and fun. i play it on occassion to this day. The games of yesteryears may not have the cool graphics and sound effect of today but were certainly fun.