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Milk Bone Dog Biscuit Holder

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janetlynn By janetlynn on
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Our friends gave Chopper this Milk Bone biscuit holder and a box of Milk Bones for his birthday this past November. He normally doesn't eat these biscuits but started after our trips to the bank. (They always give him a Milk Bone at the drive thru).

The toy/ biscuit holder is made of a semi-hard red rubber and is the shape of a Milk Bone biscuit with the center cut out.

You place a biscuit inside the hole - the only way it will fit is by pushing it in on a slant. Yes, I have broken some biscuits in the past beause it's quite hard to do.

The purpose behind this gadget is that it's suppose to teach your dog a little patience and maybe give you more time to run out the door while they struggle to get this biscuit out of the rubber holder. I guess it sort of helps with dogs who have separation anxiety. It's almost the same concept of a "Kong" toy, but not as good - in my opinion.The rubber is not as chew proof as the Kong treat toys he has. As you can see in the image and video, he has chewed one corner a bit and soon I will throw it away when that shows signs of breaking off. What can you do with Dachshunds who like to chew and take apart toys? You replace them.

Overall, this thing does ok but like I mentioned in the video, I would have been mad had I bought this. Being that it was a gift, we'll use it and let him play with it until it's time to retire it - which appears to be very soon. We've had it for 6 months.