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Mille Bornes Card Game

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cybeeb By cybeeb on
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Mille Bornes is a card game that has been around forever. That does not lessen the fun of playing it. It is a fun, easy to learn game. The object of the game is to be the first player to drive one thousand kilometers. You do this by playing mileage cards. The mileage cards come in different amounts or points (25, 50, 75, 100, 200). You must have a roll card showing to play mileage cards. Other players are going to put obstacles in your way to slow you down (flat tire, out of gas, accident, speed limit, stop). There are remedy cards you have to play to be able to play mileage cards again (spare tire, gas, repairs, end of speed limit and roll). After you play a remedy you must play a roll card again, except for when the remedy is to play a roll card. There are also four safety cards (puncture proof, driving ace, extra tank and right of way). When a player reaches one thousand miles then you add up the score. There are bonuses for having the safetys, not using 200 mileage cards and so on. I started playing this game when I was young (don't ask how long ago) and it has a lot of replay value. One of the things that happens in some of the games that I don't like is when you get stuck on one of the hazards and you can't play any of the mileage cards you have. I do like that the names of everything is in English and French so you can actually learn a little bit while having fun playing. I think this is best as a two player game because if you have people who take their time playing games it can get drawn out.

This is not a hard game to learn. It is fun and it is a game kids eight and older will enjoy too. Definitely a good one to keep around.