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Mille Bornes Is Fun For Adults Or Family

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This holiday season we’ve enjoyed playing the classic French game Mille Bornes, “a thousand mile posts, ” with family and friends. This is a fast-paced and competitive game which can be played by anyone who is able to add by 25s.

The idea is to complete a journey of 1000 miles (or 700 in some configurations). It can be played by 2-6 players, but for any number over 3 it must be played as partners or there are not enough cards.

There are mileage cards: 200, 100, 75, 50 and 25 miles. There are hazards: flat tires, accidents, and to run out of gas, and cards to fix these problems. There are also speed limit cards, and cards to end a speed limit.

In addition, there are 4 safety cards which, when drawn, protect you from hazards for the entire hand. They are puncture-proof, an endless supply of gasoline, and “driving ace” which means you can’t get in any accident. The fourth card, the “right-of-way, ” is very special as it protects you from speed limits, and allow you to add miles without having a “roll card, ” which looks like a green traffic light. (Countered by a “stop card, ” a red light).

Without going into the full rules of the game, you can perhaps see that the idea is to be able to play mileage cards to pass those mile posts and reach the end of the journey. Other people can put hazards in your way or give you a speed limit (which limits you to playing only 25 or 50 mile cards), You cannot play mileage until a hazard is fixed, and you also have a green-light roll card.

We often just play by the hand and whoever reaches 1000 miles first is the winner. But for those who enjoy something a little more complex, there is a point system of scoring which makes it so that a game consists of several hands until one player or team reaches a certain point level.

It has a large luck component, but there is some basic skill in knowing when to play hazards on other players, or which cards to keep or discard. It’s good for mixed ability groups because no one person can dominate all the hands. As such, it can get boring for people who like a lot of strategy or special skills in games.

We have owned this set for many years and it used to be owned by Parker Brothers. It is now marketed under the Winning Moves brand and the box looks different, but it is still available on Amazon for $7.99.