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Millionaire's First Love: K Drama Dvd

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Korean movies are all the rage in my household right now. One of our favorites among many is, “A Millionaire’s First Love”. It is a story of unforgotten love between an 18 year old millionaire boy and a 19 year old orphan girl. It is a teen/adult Cinderella story with an unexpected ending.

Released on February 9th, 2006 by the famous Korean distribution company, Lotte Entertainment, it is a romantic movie that will touch many souls. Although this 116 movie is in Korean, English subtitles are available for those interested. It is written and directed by Kim Tae Gyun.

The story starts out with a spoiled Kang Jae Kyung about to embark on his 18th birthday. This birthday is unlike any others though (certainly not similar to mine), since his deceased grandfather has left him a huge fortune on the exact date of his 18th birthday. His parents were killed in a car accident at an early age; hence he is to inherit all of his grandfathers’ fortune at once.

His inheritance does not come on a golden plate as first expected though as the deceased grandfathers’ creative lawyers read and explain the ultimatum that comes attached with the money. As explained to an outraged Jae Kyung, his grandfather had written in his will that his grandson return to his small country hometown called Gangwondo. Gangwondo is not just a small town though; rather it is a whole new world from Jae Kyung’s posh lifestyle in Seoul, Korea. After moving into this small town the will states that he must graduate from high school to receive the inheritance. To a spoiled rich child whom has never really seriously entered a classroom, this would be not only a life changing experience but a challenge.

Shortly after Jae Kyung arrives in Gangwondo, he comes across Choi Sun Whan played by actress Lee Yeon Hee. A brief encounter by the two in Seoul starts the friendship off on a shaky road but soon evolves into a budding relationship that would last until death. Soon, an unexpected incident occurs and will change their lives forever.

A Millionaire’s First Love is similar to the typical Cinderella that has become so famous around the world but not everything is blooming up roses. The story has been written beautifully to bring tears even to the romantically challenged. It has something for just about anyone watching, minus R rated material. It has a small amount of fighting, romance, drama and so much more. It is the perfect movie to purchase the teen to adult aged movie watchers. It is especially perfect for date night or a girls’ movie night.