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Mineral Foundation For The Blind?

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Laura Geller... when I first heard this name all I could think of was, "why name a cosmetic company after a blind woman?" Was that insensitive... no, just pretty silly really, I was thinking of Helen Keller - no relation, not even a similarity in the name, just me being..... me!

What Is This?

This make up that I am pushing on you today, is a wonder mineral compact foundation!

Tell me More....

I am and always have been a Max Factor Pan Stick kind of gal - great coverage, flawless complexion (thanks Max) etc., and was a little less than thrilled when my mother on a recent visit, presented me with a box of Laura Geller products. The kit included mascara, eyeshadow/eyeliner powder (review to follow - this stuff is great!), a compact mineral bronzer/blush and a scary product that I was told was a mineral foundation!

Mineral foundation?? Doesn't that make me look.... natural? How frightening I yelled, trying to show fear but unable to present a clear representation of terror under the pan-stick!

Get To The Point...

Okay... You mean you are not enjoying my elaborate plot to keep you reading?

I exaggerate slightly when I refer to my normal Max Factor regime, however, I washed my face and followed my mothers close instructions. Take the realy neat blush brush and swirl it around on the compact foundation, dot the excess off onto a napkin and apply to your face as you would blush. I did. I didn't notice any difference to my skin. (My mum thought it looked wonderful!).

I tried this procedure again and, much to my chagrin, I still did not notice any viable difference.

A third coat did the trick - wow, my skin looked incredible. A natural color, a light finish, everything I was told it would be, except for the fact that it took 3 coats and now I felt as though I were caked in make up and my face were about to crack!

Practice Makes Perfect

No it doesn't. I came to the conclusion that this product would not give me the comfortable coverage I am used to, but, not being one to give up, and under a tremendous amount of peer and ad campaign pressure forcing me to believe that mineral was the only option and anyone not wearing mineral foundation should be hunted down and forced to watch endless hours of Martha Stewart makeovers - I found a merry compromise....

Share The Secret!

I realized that this may work incredibly well as a finish coat over a very thin layer of liquid foundation, thus giving me the security of the coverage I was accustom to and the ability to tout "I wear mineral foundation"!

It worked - it worked very well and now I am absolutely hooked on this stuff.

I have since tried wearing this without any base and to be honest and non sarcastic (this may hurt) it actually does look great.

My issue originally was that I have some freckles on my face and I like to have them covered, this just didn't quite do it, but otherwise I have very good skin (for my age) and a fairly even tone, so this just gave me a natural hint of color and more eveness in a very understated way.

The Benefits

Since I have now offered two options of application, I must inform you that this Balance -N- Lighten foundation is actually very good for your skin. It contains nothing that can cause any form of irritation and is even safe enough to sleep in - in case you don't make it home, wink wink. Although I tend to wear it mostly with a thin base of regular liquid foundation, I can still attest that I have noticed a healthier appearance to my skin, probably moreso when I wear it by itself!

The Downside

I have not purchased this foundation seperately from the full kit, although it is availabe individually. The kit is rather expensive at over $60 and I think the foundation itself is around $20. I do suggest looking online for the actual prices as this was a gift and I am not 100% certain!

To Buy Or Not To Buy

If you have worn and do like mineral foundations, then the answer is a resounding YES!

If you are like me and a little tenative, the answer would still be YES, just try to find it on sale!

Update On Jun 27, 2009: Oh! I found this online for $12.99 at e-bay today :-) If you are looking for this product at an affordable price - search online, justbe wary of the shipping fees :-))