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Mingfa Multi Functional Vegetable Cutters

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Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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MingFa multi-functional vegetable cutters

This MingFa multi-functional vegetable cutters not only helps me make my cooking for the family so easy but keeping them healthy as well. Vegetables have many benefits in our body but sometimes people get kind of lazy making the cuts they do want. With the different vegetable cutters it has, preparing nutritious and healthy dishes for my family now made easy.

The package has 5 detachable cutters aside from the attached one and the free drawknife. One blade can do slicing perfect. I first tried a cucumber salad and it was great. I peeled the cucumber, hold it tight and slide it on the cutter. I saw the thin circle slices of the cucumber coming out. The different cutters can peel and cut vegetables into different patterns.

The stainless steel cutters are attach into a nonpoisonous plastic orange material. The 5 detachable cutters maybe placed/inserted in the space of the holder. The blade you need will depend on what pattern you want with your vegetables. It can peel, slice and grate. The free drawknife maybe used for fish scaling, removing rotten parts in the vegetable and also for decorating. I may not have tried the other cutters yet but seeing how the promodizer made his demo just hoping everything will do well.

I am not sure if it is dishwasher safe. The only thing I read from its box is that the highest temperature it can withstand is 70 degrees celsius and lowest temperature of 30 degrees celsius. When put near heat source (boiling water, fire, etc.) above 100 degrees celsius may cause deformation. These vegetable cutters has patent with no. ZL032437307.

I never thought that it comes very affordable given the amazing functions of these cutters. For only Php100.00 I can do it easily with no sweat at all and prepare great and healthy dishes for the family, friends and visitors.