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Mini Metal Maglight Tiny But Mighty

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theuniguy By theuniguy on
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Quite some time ago I bought a mini mag light from Kmart for $4.99. The torch is about 8cm long, with a diameter of 2 or so cm. Made from durable high quality steel, the torch is built tough on the outside, with a strong 9 Led light that can outshine even the biggest or torches, all from 3 small AAA batteries.

From what I’ve found, the torch is very handy on those odd toad hunting nights with the cousins, aswell as just a handy thing to keep in the pocket when coming home late from a night in the city. Being so small I hardly notice it in my pocket, and the small strap tucks in nicely keeping it out of sight.

This torch is so strong that it’s been washed several times (both heat and cold cycle) and it still seems to be going strong, showing no signs of deterioration.

After working at Kmart part-time for several years, I do notice what gets brought in due to faults and damage, and unfortunately I’ve seen these torches brought back more times then I can count. From what I understand, the torches have a big problem with a spring inside them, that when the batteries are all pushed up, this spring goes to the side, losing contact with the bulb. I experienced this the other week, but a few minutes with the screwdriver saw the torch working fine again.

Although this torch is bright and is a lot of things that other torches aren’t, the problem with the spring seems to be a widespread problem, and the chances are you, or someone you know will buy one and need to bring it back, so in that regard, skip the mini maglight torch, buy something else.