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The Mio DigiWalker C310 is a very accurate GPS. Driving down the freeway, it will announce the distance to an exit just as I pass beneath the freeway sign with the same distance labeled. The maps are up to date with only a few issues I've noticed due to changes made in the last few years. The GPS has two viewing modes. One is more like looking down at a map, while the other takes more of a tilted view to give more of a driving car perspective. The GPS has two spots for storing favorites and a history list. Is also has a large Points of Interest list to find stores, restaurants, etc. The GPS comes with a car mount. It consists of a circular disk that sticks to the dashboard and the rest of the mount that sticks to the disk with a suction cup. As I don't trust the suction cup, I just stick the mount into a cup holder when I need it. The mount fits in there fairly well.

The biggest problem I have with this GPS is the time it takes to sync with the satellites. Sometimes it can take up to five minutes before it connects. It doesn't sync with the satellites when indoors very well, if at all, either, but this is typical for most GPSs. Plugging in the GPS to a power source does speed up the process sometimes, though.

I use this GPS for geocaching as well. Since it was designed more to be used for road navigation, it doesn't have a built in geocaching mode like some GPSs, but by changing some features, it can still be used for the sport.

The GPS also has a built in MP3 player, however it only comes with about 5MB of built in space. If you need more space, there is an SD card slot on top of the GPS. I've never used this feature, so I'm unsure of its playback quality for music.