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Miracle Groom 5 In 1 Horse Pet Cleaner Spray

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klkwid By klkwid on
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Miracle Groom is indispensible when it comes to showing my horse!! Typically we bathe the horses the day before a show, take them to the show grounds, board them overnight, and get up early in the morning to prepare for our show time. in between the bath and show time, the horse has plenty of time to roll in their you-know-what, lay down for the evening, or do whatever it is that they do to make themselves SOOO dirty!! That's where Miracle Groom comes in-you spray the affected area, whatever it may be, and rub with a clean cloth. That's IT!! The dirty area comes clean, and your horse is shiny and smelling good for the show. It smells a bit like vanilla, too, so it really does help a lot with horsey smell ;) It takes me a lot less time before my show time to get my horse ready and looking good for a judge with this product. After she's clean, I usually give her a once-over with Miracle Groom and wipe her down quickly for an extra shine without the slippery sensation you get with other shine products. This makes it safer to put a saddle on, giving you a little more grip between the horse and the saddle pad.

Here's the best part :) I just adopted a rescue German Shepherd and he's just scared of everything. We were going to Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom's house and he SMELLED!!! I don't know what he was rolling in outside-i don't want to know-all i DO know is that he's not going to take a bath willingly inside the house. I got out my Miracle Groom, sprayed a cloth, wiped him down really good, and he came pretty clean! Yucky-doggie smell wsn't completely gone, but it was nearly gone!! Miracle Groom saved the day again for me. I highly recommend this product to pet owners who need a quick bath-in-a-bottle for their animals once in a while.