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Miraculous Allergy Relief!

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I have suffered from allergies all of my life, but once I moved to Austin, the allergy capital of the U.S., I was more miserable then I had been in my whole life. I found out that I was allergic to oak trees which are the predominant tree of this region - no escape! Even with allergy shots, steroid nose sprays, antihistamines, and decongestants I became non functional each spring. In my desperation to breathe, I pulled this product off the shelf in my grocery store and decided to try it and my life has changed. I am not exaggerating! Not only does it expel mucous from your nasal passages and near by sinuses, it rinses the offending allergens out of your nose (so they can't bother you anymore) and it re-moisturizes your nasal passages. I strongly recommend this product to everyone I know who suffers from allergies and everyone who tries it is hooked. When my husband's allergies kick in, he uses this product every time he comes indoors. Here's how it works: Fill the plastic bottle with room temperature distilled water or water that has been boiled and cooled. Open up the saline packet, pour it into the bottle filled with distilled water, close the cap onto the bottle and shake the dispenser. Tilt your head over the sink, open the nozzle on the bottle and place the nozzle the opening of your nasal passage. Then gently squeeze the bottle (please don't inhale during this) and the solution will squirt up into your nose, your sinuses and back out the other side of your nose. Now you can blow your nose with your favorite tissue and you will be amazed at how much mucous will fill that tissue! Now you can do the same thing on the other side of your nose and even repeat the process. The bottle can be safely washed in the dishwasher.

I won't kid you, this feels gross but the being able to be free from all that congestion is worth all the grossness! Now I don't even blow my nose without using this rinse because it just gets so much gook out of my nose!

One set comes with the applicator and either 50 or 100 sodium packets. You can also purchase replacement packets in packages of 50.

The best part (besides relief from congestion) is that this product is all natural - it's only ingredients are distilled water, sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate!! When I was pregnant my doctor said I could use this product as much as I wanted and I used it every time I felt the least amount of congestion or my nose tickled. I decided I really wanted to keep my allergies at a minimum while I was pregnant to reduce my need for traditional medications - I even kept a set at work!