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Mirena Iuc

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After having my son last year my husband and I decided that I'd take some form of contraceptive until we were ready to have another child. I've taken birth control pills before like Triphasil or Alesse but they made me feel nauseous and irritated all day. Sometimes my throat would feel weird like I hadn't swallowed the pill and it dissolved in my throat! So, I explored my options and discovered Mirena.

Mirena is an estrogen-free intrauterine contraceptive that could be used for up to 5 years. It uses a low dose of Progesterone and can also help to shorten or lighten periods. Mirena could also be easily removed when you want to try to conceive.

I asked my girlfriend from the UK about Mirena and she couldn't say enough good things about it. She was using the Mirena Coil product. I went to my OB to get the same one but that version is not available in Canada so he wrote me a prescription for the regular Mirena.

I have since had a much lighter period, no irritation or nauseous feelings with Mirena. I also do not have to remember to take it everyday and worry if I missed it like you do on the pill. I have felt less inhibited sexually with Mirena installed and my husband has noticed this too!

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