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Miss Congeniality

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Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) is an FBI agent focused on her work. She wears simple, not very feminine clothes, no makeup, no fancy hairdos - just a ponytail. Primping up does not interest her, she's got other things to do and is content with herself, as well as with the fact that she is not considered a beauty. When the FBI urgently needs to send someone undercover as a beauty pageant participant, Gracie is not even considered, at first. Then her partner Eric suggests that she might try - of course, after going through some serious beauty training. Gracie does not want to hear of it, but the FBI has no one else, so she eventually takes the assignment. Her first meeting with Victor, a professional pageant consultant, is not very promising. Victor takes one look at her and says, "If this is Ms. Hart, I quit."

This movie is fun to watch. The story of an ugly duckling turning into a beauty is not new; I can name several movies that had this theme off the top of my head. They usually do the same trick of taking a good-looking actress, making her look unattractive, and then doing the opposite - making her beauty shine. This one stands out though because of its bright humor. I loved Sandra Bullock's performance, and Michael Caine is hilarious as Victor, the consultant. The two pretty much carry the whole thing on their shoulders; other characters are not very memorable. But overall, I think it's a good watch.