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Miss Congeniality: Deluxe Edition

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Well, after spending more than the cost of several full-priced DVD's renting this movie, I finally bought it for my collection. Miss Congeniality is my feel-good movie. When I need a smile, I can rely on Gracie Hart to bring it to me.

I suppose you you could classify this film as a Romantic Comedy, heavy on the comedy. Meet Grace Hart: a 30-something tomboy FBI agent with no love life, and very little self-esteem. Her life is her job, but her good heartedness sometimes gets in the way of FBI politics, leaving her an outsider hoping for her chance of greatness. Low and behold, that chance comes in the form of a sinister terrorist plot. The Miss United States Pagent is under threat, and the most unruly lady of them all must tame her rough ways (and frizzy hair) to go undercover as the contestant Miss New Jersey in order to save the day.

This movie is rated PG in Canada and PG-13 in the United States for "Sexual References and a Scene of Violence." I believe the main sexual reference the rating is referring to is a moment where a fellow contestant confides to Gracie that she had been sexually assulted. However, this is disclosed very tongue-in-cheek, and would probably go unnoticed by younger viewers. Otherwise there is just some silly flirting and (of course), a kiss at the end. =) As for the scene of violence, the conflict climaxes with a bomb going off during the televised broadcast. No one is hurt.

The DVD special features are pretty good if you've enjoyed the movie. The deleted scenes and movie documentaries reveal a couple of sub-plots that didn't make it into the movie which explain more about Gracie's past and family life, helping you get to know her that much better. Steer clear of the commentaries, though. They're pretty boring!

I definitely recommend this DVD for your next girl's night. Enjoy!