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Miss Potter Dvd

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The story of Beatrix potter is a beautiful story acted out by the magnificent actress, Renee zellwegger. A brittish accent played out in a time long back where women were considered for growing up, and instantly being fetched by well taught, high educated, money earning fine gentlemen for marriage, and and creating the perfect and beautiful family that was known back then.

Beatrix had other plans, and was proud of being a single woman, wanting to succeed in a career of authoring children's books, illustrating and writing them.

As she advanced with her career she fell in love with her publisher which of course, was not authorized by her family, like every "Un-perfect" movie, of course, but eventually everything turns out for the best.

The DVD is high class, region 1, has a few cool features such as "The making of a fairy tale", and commentary by the director. The box is beautifully designed with what, for my taste, is a beautiful poster (I just love that Renee Zellwegger). The actual DVD is detailed with a beautiful picture of the two as well with a good quality print.

I consider this as one of my better purchases in my DVD collection cabinet, hanging nicely from my wall.