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Mistitled, But An Okay Read

Reviewing: Pocket Books Romance My Immortal Protector By Jen Holling  |  Rating:
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I have never read any books by Jen Holling. If this book is any indication of her work, I probably will not be on the look out for her. I feel after having read the entire book that the title was a deceiver. Just judging by the cover and the writing on the back of the book, the story seemed promising. This is story was just mediocre, nothing that spectacular about it. The storyline was too slow for me.

Storyline (as on the back of the book):

A fiery witch able to communicate with animals, Deidra MacKay longs to relinquish her powers -- they bring her nothing but misfortune and danger. So when she learns that years ago, her ancestors signed a blood pact with a vampire, cursing the MacKay clan with witchcraft, she presumes that a member of the undead can also take her magic away. So she embarks on a quest to find the one who can hopefully ease her misery.

An embittered and crippled Scotsman, Stephen Ross lives as a recluse -- hiding from the world in a dreary castle. But when the intriguing and adorable Deidra arrives at his door hoping he is a vampire, he is intoxicated and aroused by her company. He joins her on her journey, hoping a vampire's magic might also heal his wounds -- and soon finds himself enraptured in the heat of passion with Deidra, an affair that could put both their lives at stake.

Overall Opinion: Unless you are just a die hard Jen Holling fan (or you like really SLOOOW storylines) then go ahead and read this. If not - skip it.