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Mixed About Paula Deen's Cookware

Reviewing: Paula Deen Signature 12 Piece Cookware Set  |  Rating:
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I've had Paula Deen's Signature Porcelain 12 Piece Nonstick Cookware set for about six months now. As far as cooking goes, I'm impressed. I have had to adjust how I cook as the pots and pans heat quickly. Instead of cranking a burning up to high, I only need medium-high heat to get things started. The cookware heats and cooks evenly. The handles are heat resistant rubber and are very comfortable. The nonstick surface is very easy to clean. I am a stickler about not using metal utensils when cooking with Teflon surfaces to preserve it. I love the glass lids with the hint of brass surrounded by the same heat resistant rubber.

I do have two complaints though. The porcelain finish has faded and appears bleached from the dishwasher.(See picture of the three pots and note the top sauce pan has never been in the dishwasher). I did read the accompanying cleaning instructions and other than mentioning the cookware is Dishwasher Safe, it was not specifically recommended to wash these pots and pans by hand. I should mention that I have since purchased a new dishwasher (my review) and changed the dishwasher detergent. So I cannot say with 100% certainty that the bleaching and fading of the finish was not caused by the detergent or dishwasher or both. I would bet that because the finish does not appear to be sealed in anyway, Paula Deen's cookware will fade from dishwasher cleaning. When I first noticed the fading, I stopped cleaning them in the dishwasher and went to Paula Deen's website to find if anyone else was having the same problem. I only found a few posts asking if the cookware was dishwasher safe but no direct complaints. I did notice today, the site now recommends hand washing. If only that was on the accompanying instructions my once beautiful cookware, would look as nice as when I bought them. This is a huge disappointment and now I'm on the hunt for something that might revive the deep, shiny red porcelain.

My second complaint is minor. The large 12 inch skillet (purchased seperately) did not come with a lid. Thankfully, a glass cover from a previous set I owned fits perfectly.

If you're looking to purchase for cooking integrity, I would recommend Paula Deen's Signature Porcelain 12 Piece Nonstick Cookware set. But, if you're someone who doesn't have the time or desire to wash every pot and pan by hand, I would not recommend this set at all. And had I known then, what I do now about the need to wash by hand, I would never have made this purchase.

Set Includes:

• 1-qt. Covered Sauce Pan

• 2-qt. Covered Sauce Pan

• 2.75-qt. Covered Saute Pan

• 6-qt. Covered Stockpot

• 8-in. Skillet

• 10-in. Skillet

• Slotted Turner

• Slotted Spoon