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Mlb 2 K10 (Xbox 360)

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By Danny Meltzer on
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MLB 2K10

MLB 2K10 has messed up big time! When I heard pre-orders are available for MLB 2K10, I was so excited, I got the game the same day it came out, I rushed home, popped the disc in my Xbox and almost immediately I was disappointed. The start-up menu takes about 2 or 3 minutes to load, the graphics aren't the greatest, there are tons of glitches such as outfielders getting stuck in the walls, gliding magically across the field to make the catch, slider and running through infielders, and baseballs flying through umpires without the umpires making any effort to get out of the way. It looks like 2K Sports had a good game going until they hit a deadline and they had to finish the game in 3 hours, so they just threw it all together without testing it or even debugging the game. 2K sports has gone through many stages of tests to go through bugs and all the "kinks" the games have had through the past few years now, 2K10 has definitely not fixed any issues, in my opinion, made everything worse! There are a few camera issues as well and they don't have exhibition mode, just quick mode, that doesn't make things better. There aren't many things you can do in the field, just a sweeping dive to make a play. There is no jumping or any bursts of available turbo. The computer doesn't always choose the fielder closest to the ball either. Also different gameplay problems included base stealing which is extremely difficult in this game, even with MLB "speedsters". Computers never, I am not stressing that, ever make any fielding errors, there are never injuries, and pitchers not experiencing fatigue correctly. You can hit multiple batters in a row without being ejected, and pinch-hitting for the pitcher doesn't give you the option to put that player in at a different position. Stadiums, crowds, and player models could as use more detail but the biggest problem is the awkward looking animation. The outfielders seem to be staring at the stands while throwing and infielders always have a tendency of jerking up after a play as if someone poked them with a pin. The game also seems to have the player's speed up and slow down often during plays as if you were watching it on instant replay, there is no sense of weight or physics with your fielders, and you can always see arms magically pass through outfield walls or wave right through baserunners during tags. The good things include ball park commentators, gameplay analysis, and great ballpark atmosphere. Also, the game has great background sound and reactions, but the game also has the best up-to date stats in major leagues up to the current day. The batting and pitching controls has improved with many efforts while keeping the distinctive qualities. Hitting still uses the right analog stick but you will need to have a better sense of timing to drive the ball. As a result, hitting is more realistic in this game and the slugfest that often happened in 2K9, has passed. After four straight years of trying to improve MLB 2K video games, 2K10 showed signs of improvement and if you look through all the problems this game has, 2K Sports is actually starting to live up to their potential. If you were to choose between MLB 2K10 or a different game, I would tell you to get any game BUT MLB 2K10, it's a waste of $60 and it's not worth trying it out. Lets just hope 2K11 is better than all the other MLB 2K games. It's either going to be better, or much worse, the demo, coming out this fall/winter will say it all. If you have any questions about anything I didn't discuss in this review, feel free to contact me at [email protected] I am more than happy to help answer your questions. Thanks for reading!