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Mobile Homes Have Come A Long Way

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Becky Knouff By Becky Knouff on
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I have lived in many mobile homes throughout my life. These I rented and found them to be adequate and easier to afford during the rougher periods of my life. It amazes me, how far they have come in the development of these homes.

When we drive down the road, in the town I live in, and look at all the older mobile homes, it just amazes me. The mobile homes now have so much more to offer and are much nicer. Even the ones I lived in could not compare to the new and nicer models.

A few years back, before my legs quit working, I had the opportunity to visit a dealership where they featured Liberty Mobile Homes. They offer more basic models for those people who want something nice, but at a price which won't break the bank.

What I really liked best about these mobile homes was the construction. They were constructed of strong and stable material. Even though there was no foundation under the homes we were visiting, they didn't rock when you walked across the floor. Many other models we had walked through at other dealerships were not as stable.

Today, with the high cost of housing, and the increasing cost to purchase a home of our own, we believe a mobile home will be our best choice.

When we are able to purchase one, we will look to Liberty Mobile Homes. With my loss of mobility, we need something at a reasonable price to allow more funds for modifications.

Recently, I contacted the same dealer about the ability to modify the Liberty Mobile Home to meet my needs. He assured me it would not be extremely difficult or costly. So, there is another reason for us to consider a Liberty Mobile home.

I highly recommend the Liberty Mobile Home to anyone wanting a nice mobile home at a reasonable price.

Update On Mar 31, 2008: I am truly sorry the pictures didn't show up. I usually resize the photos, but I forgot to do it. I didn't realize the mistake until it was published.

Update On Apr 06, 2008: I was finally able to get two pictures to work. Didn't want to chance trying more.

I also wanted to add a bit more information. I know the model represented by the pictures seems basic, but it is meant for those who are wanting something simple that they can improve as they choose. it is meant to fit into just about any budget.