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Model 100 Bose Bookshelf Speakers

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By glent on
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It has been years since I got these speakers to act as rear speakers for the TV and music room. The Music room is long gone, and the TV is now in the living room. I knew then that the speakers were far more powerful than were needed for rear speakers, but dang - they sure put out great sound. Whether in the back or right up front, the timeless black design lets your ears enjoy the results without your eyes taking note. I have decorated in a Victorian style, and these speakers just disappear.

At just over 3 kg (almost 7 pounds) they aren't featherweights, but the heft indicates the size of the magnets in the sound drivers, and it is worth every ounce. They aren't tiny, like some Bose products, either. They measure about half a foot by eleven inches, so they won't be invisible if you hang them on the wall. Very clever brackets let you do that, and I have hung them on the back of a bookshelf (you think that's where they came up with the name?) and found them very easy to install

Bose has a reputation for delivering almost perfect mid-tones (voice range) and crisp highs and lows. None of the "buzzing" base or "scratchy" cymbals problems will be noticed with these speakers. My amplifier takes everything that comes from the TV, VHS player (remember those?) or CD/DVD unit. While I can adjust everything to a gnat's whisker, I seldom do. With the Infinity center speaker, it is like being in the presence of the performer.

I wouldn't want to shell out thousands for a complete Bose system, but I'm very happy to spend the money and enjoy the quality that comes with these high quality bookshelf speakers.