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Modele Collagen Lip Treatment

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Had this particular product been on sale for only a few dollars off the regular $29.99 price I'd probably not have given it a second look. Normally I use Burt's Bees lip balms to ward off dry or chapped lips but when I spied the Modele Collagen Lip treatment on sale for a great price I decided that I'd investigate further.

Modele Collagen Lip treatment is a lipstick like application that you apply 3 times per day. I wasn't looking to volumize my lips or even lessen fine lines (although yes, ok, I do have some of those ;), but instead I wanted something that would help keep my lips from drying out during those times when I am in the sun, wind, cold. If there were other advantages to be had because of the product, wonderful but I wasn't expecting any incredible feats, just a plain, simple, smooth soft lip.

I've used this product faithfully for well over the 30 day recommended time period although I have lessened applying it from 3 times a day to perhaps once a day and some days not at all.

The treatment is to be used on lipstick free lips and can be used as a base or primer for lipstick if you wish. To say that I really like this stuff and would probably have no issues purchasing it for the full price isn't too far off from correct. Since using Modele Collagen lip treatment my lips are truly kissable smooth and well, my husband likes to express his opinion about that little fact at least a few times a day. When I put this treatment on just prior to applying my lipgloss, the combination of smoothing ingredients between the two leaves my lips feeling satiny smooth, a feeling I much prefer over chapped or dry lips any day.

As for the benefits where lines are concerned, yes there have been those as well and I'm able to maintain a pretty smooth lip line even when using lip liner on those occasions when I want to make my lips more noticable...usually during those times when we are dressed up and have places to go.

The ingredients according to Modele can be expected to plump up lips by as much as 40%, reduce fine lines by up to 30% and increase hydration by 60%. I definitely agree with the last claim, no argument there. I'll even agree that this treatment plumps the lips up -- somewhat and fine line reduction, yes I think I'd agree with the claim there as well.

The ingredients consist of a PAL-GHK patented formula that Modele claims as uniquely theirs, which is suppose to be a "potent amino acid protein blend" and something called Biocrystal Complex which is suppose to contain mother of pearl extracts said to add sheen and softness to the lips.

Overall, I really do like this particular product. Although it's a bit expensive as nothing more than a lip balm, it has been working quite well for me and I think that this might be the one exclusive product that I'll continue to purchase even if it isn't on sale. I've had this particular tube for quite some time now, actually I can't even remember when I actually purchased this although I do know it's been less than a year. I am still not finished with the tube so it has given me far more for my $8.99 than I actually truly expected. A winner in my opinion.