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Modern Art

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sarrisa By sarrisa on
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Modern Art is a cool and unique game. Most of the fun revolves around the secrecy and bidding of art pieces, represented on cards. The more art pieces played the more they are worth. Basically players put up art pieces for auction (just cards from their hands) and they have to auction it based on what the card says. There are several auction types on the cards. In open auction, the piece is just open for bidding. In closed auction, everyone secretly bids one amount and highest bidder wins. In once around auction, players place a bid in order from the first player to the left of the auctioneer and it goes around until it gets to auctioneer who has the option to outbid the highest price and take the piece. There are other auction types that a card can be. The real strategy comes from figuring out how much a piece could potential be worth based on what has been played and what is in your hand and then deciding on the most you would want to pay for it. It's a crazy game. Sometimes a piece will be sold for 5, 000 and the same piece later in the game will be sold for 40, 000. Oh, also, when deciding what to bid on a piece, if you are the auctioneer, you have to consider the price it's going for at the time you choose to bid because all proceeds from the auction go to the auctioneer! It's a fast paced game, just be sure you don't run out of money and let others have great pieces of art for a cheap price!