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Modern Guilt Beck

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Beck is a favorite. This album isn't. Still, like alot of new albums produced by my favorites, "Modern Guilt" has been growing on me.

The other day was one of those times where I had to go listen to "Gamma Ray, " the single from the album. At other times I find myself wanting to jive to the pumping "Soul of a Man" (what does make the soul of a man?) or "Profanity Prayers." (Note: the album is clean despite that last track title). The mellow "Chemtrails" and the airy "Walls" have also become loved.

Lyrics are a big part of how an artist impacts me. These songs at first seemed to be shallow and short, but you start realizing that Beck keeps asking questions in this album: "what makes the soul of a man?" "who's gonna answer profanity prayers?" "hey, what are you gonna do when the walls are falling down on you?" "and how can I make new again what rusts every time it rains?" "so many people, trying not to drown, where do they go?" and so on.

The song itself, "Modern Guilt, " sums up the artist's anxious and questioning voice. "Don't know what I've done but I feel ashamed, These people talk about impossible things, And I'm falling down the conversations." So while it's definitely not another "Guero" (my favorite album of his), the catchy beats and personal insights from Beck in his latest album certainly deliver.