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Modern Warfare 2 (Game Of The Year)Full Review!

Reviewing: Infinity Ward Modern Warfare 2  |  Rating:
By Joey Livengood on
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The game Modern Warfare 2 (made by Infinity Ward) is one of the best games I've ever bought for myself and my kids. It is a first person shooter. There are 3 game modes in it: Campaign, Special Ops, and Multiplayer. I will review all 3 of them.

In Campaign mode you start 5 years after where Modern Warfare 1 left off. Even if you've never played the original, you wont be lost because if its important it'll tell you again. You can play on 4 different difficulties, 1 is very easy for smaller kids and the hardest, Veteran, is very difficult even for an 'expert gamer'. It is a medium length game. It took me 10 hours of play time to complete it on Veteran. The story is very very cool and original. The ending is very dramatic and it will pull you into the game. There is over 30 missions total. NO 2 are alike either.

Special Ops is almost like a mini-game within it. You have different missions you can choose to do on different difficulties. They are very fun and very challenging. You unlock more as you go through them. There is over 25 different ones you can play.

Multiplayer is the biggest feature of the game, in my opinion. There is constantly 100's of thousands of people playing. There are many different weapons and maps and game modes to play on. You will never get tired of playing them.


If you let your kids play online then it's recommended they don't use a headset as other people can say profane things.

It is a very violent game.

Some language references to drugs/alcohol.