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Modern Warfare 2 Review

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Matt Fox By Matt Fox on
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I've had this game for a couple of days now and if you wondering whether to buy this or not, the simple answer is, yes. One might have thought with all the press attention and hype surrounding this new title that the game could never possibly live up to expectations, but it most certainly does, and even exceeds expectations in certain areas.

First off, single player. Now, being honest the campaign isn't massily long, if your playing on regualar difficulty, expect to play for around 4-6 hours, however, ramp it up to veteran difficulty and you can make that 20+ (serioulsy, its hard!) But I think that the campain can be summed up best by the phrase "short and sweet", the plot is very well laid out and the cinematics are truly outstanding. There is also no lack of variety in this game either, not to spoil the plot, but you'll find yourself fightly in vastly different settings throughout the whole campaign which really does give the campaign an epic feeling. Overall the single player is well rounded and truly an astonashingly cinematic experience which you cannot afford to miss.

Now, to what most people buy COD for, the multiplayer. If you've played COD4, then you will instantly fell right at home with MW2. However, this doesn't mean it hasn't changed. The massive new list of guns, perks, kilstreaks, unlockables will have you playing for years. In all my years of gaming I have never played a more well rounded online multiplayer experience. The multiplayer is genuinly worth the £.. alone.

Also thrown into the mix is spec ops mode, which sees you take on a variety of different missions in 2-player co-op (Splitcreen/online) which range from holding down positions against waves of oncoming enemies to snomobile races which are absolutely hilarious! This is a great addition to the game just as Nazi zombies was to [email protected] - but better with more variety.

Overall, I serioulsy cannot fault this game. The single player experience is epic and the multiplayer is unrivalled by anything on the market, and with spec ops throw into the mix, this is an absolute MUST BUY.