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Modess Maxi Pads

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poshpost By poshpost on
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When I was a young woman who just had her period, the ONLY sanitary pad brand that I knew of was Modess. And the only brand available in our mini store was Modess Maxi Pads. So naturally, these were the only ones I used. The problem was that, my period did not really come out like a flow, just like trickles...or rather drops. But my mother did not know so she continued to give me this kind until I was working already. Would you believe that?

Anyway, Modess is good. The problem was that, it was too thick for my purposes.But yeah, it is good because when there are days that I do have flow, it is super absorbent. Additionally, it doesn't make me smell bad down there. I mean, I know menstrual periods can have awful odor, but at least, it does not smell so bad with Modess. I have tried another brand eventually, and man! It was really awful.

Also, Modess is cheap....I mean affordable, because there is nothing cheap with its materials and quality. I really like Modess and eventually they had the Modess with wings, and I liked it better because it has a better hold on my undies.