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Mojo! Mojo! Review

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Beth Benson By Beth Benson on
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Mojo! Is the most challenging and puzzling game I have ever played in my entire life. It's almost like the old Marble Madness game but more maddening. There is over 100 levels where you have a colored marble and you have to break colored cubes, however the cubes are not always the same color as the marble so you have to seek out a type of glowing sphere that resembles the color you need and roll it over or through the glowing sphere. Each level has it's own puzzle that you need to decipher in relation to which color you need to get first in order to get the next color. But you're timed by how much mojo you have. Mojo is the power and or life of the marble. There is a meter in the corner of your screen and once that meter is empty, level over. I've figured out that you can build up your mojo by completing the levels faster. In doing that you get more chances to collect special blocks that give you more mojo.

You run into a lot of challenging levels that involve mazes and hills and death blocks that will drive you insane!

The 3D graphics are incredible and each stage is completely different from the last. This game is for Playstation 2 and has the ability to have up to four players. It's a very inexpensive game that I bought at Best Buy for $5