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Mole Patrol Persevere And You Can Control Moles

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Mole Patrol poison pellets will kill moles in your yard. But you must bait active runways, and disturb the soil as little as possible. If you make the effort, you can successfully get rid of the moles, but it probably won’t happen in one afternoon.

This product is a serious slow-acting poison that you must keep away from children and domestic animals. You should not handle the pellets. It is a violation of law to apply this product above ground and there are serious consequences if you should accidentally kill an endangered species!

Moles build lots of runways, and you have to determine which ones are being actively used. You do this by flattening a short section of a runway, and then watching to see if it is rebuilt within 72 hours. If it is, then you can proceed to place the poison. Make a small hole with a dowel or rod in the top of the runway being careful to not collapse that section. Deposit a teaspoon full of pellets through the hole into the runway (be sure to wear disposable gloves). Then you need to cover or plug the hole so that light cannot enter the runway, and also without collapsing the tunnel. Treat the tunnel every 10-15 feet.

Then you must monitor these locations, and if you see continued signs of use by moles, re-treat the areas.

Moles sometimes dig deeper tunnels, and there is a similar, but even more time-consuming process for finding and treating those.

This all sounds very labor intensive, and it is. But if you are really tired of moles eating all your tulip and crocus bulbs, and making tunnels all over your yard it may be worth the effort.

I actually killed off a mole population in one summer. Of course a new population may move back in next year.

These kinds of poisons work by blocking the effect of vitamin K, and whenever the animal you are trying to kill gets a bruise or small wound, it will eventually bleed to death. There is a high risk of secondary toxicity to other animals, not only if they ingest the pellets directly, but if they eat an animal which has recently died from the poison. This is why you need to be sure to apply the pellets underground! That is where the moles will usually die. But keep your eyes open! One summer, I found a dead mole near a tunnel opening, and I’m just glad that I found it before the cat did.

I really don’t like using poisons, but if the mole or other rodent population is out of control, you may need to resort to them. DO follow the directions, be careful and vigilante, and dispose of unwanted Mole Patrol properly at a hazardous waste collection.

Update On May 03, 2008: I hate to say it, but our lawn is like swiss cheese this spring. Every mole in the county must have come here over the winter. I don't think I'll be able to get rid of them all this time. They've eaten all the tulip bulbs. Not sure what to try next.